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This wiki will be staying on MC 1.4.7 for the forseeable future, since many players are still using that version of Minecraft. The bee part on the official FTB Wiki is updated to the most current versions of the mods. Thus both MC 1.4.7 (here) and MC 1.5.2 (FTB) are served.

Here you can browse through all the bees, which are added by the following mods:

Among other information you will find answers to the following questions:


  • Which Biome has which temperature/humidity and which bees need a special biome to produce their specialty?
  • An overview of all Mutation Chances of the bees.
  • An overview of all Frames added by the three mods.

A fair warning ahead: This wiki was done with GregTech in mind. Without GT you'll not be able to breed some of the bees, which only produce items added by GT. The centrifuging results also have GT in mind, so the Diamond Comb is listed as producing tiny piles of diamond dust. Without GT, it will produce diamonds directly, but with a reduced chance.

This wiki is brought to you by the Bees Wiki Team.

Logo based on the picture by VikeStep in the FTB forums.

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